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Night Party Makeup


Eye Makeup Styles 


The Night Of The Party Makeup 


The most important makeup for women to look beautiful and charming as well. Every woman wants to look beautiful when it comes time for the party. Different types of parties celebrated makeup and techniques vary according to the time of parties like the party the night Party makeup and evening makeup of the party. In this discussion we will provide you comprehensive information on the makeup the night of the party. Before applying makeup prepare yourself and keep your outfit, shoes and other accessories. So you can get the best ideas for makeup accessories that fit and wear your clothes.
Some important information about party night Makeup  are as follows:
Take a look at the skin as it should be fresh. In order to keep your skin rub ice cubes on a new face for 5-10 minutes intervals.
Night Party Makeup
Decline in cotton ball in milk and scan your face. Your skin looks very fresh.
You must be careful about the base of the skin and face. Use a brush or sponge base and the application of lotion or cream foundation all over your face.

It can also be used as flash powder to achieve better results.
Application of blush on your cheeks to match the color of your clothing. The application of red cheeks on both sides of the forehead and chin.

Given the importance of eye makeup much more than that in any type of make-up. The smoky eye makeup
You need to apply eye shadow on your eyelids by matching the color with red cheeks and wear clothes.
Strokes short of the use of kohl on your eyes.
Also apply mascara on the eyelashes, in the coat 2-3 coats.
Make a good case of eyebrow pencil and use for this purpose.
Now is the makeup of the lips, use a pen to make the lining of the lips and good shape of your lips.

The application of lipstick on your lips soft. You can use a lip brush.
Can be used as lip gloss is also the option to make it more attractive and polished.
Also take care of your nails and give them the appropriate form after thwarting them.
The application of nail polish from a suitable color. Can also be colorless base coat applied to the nails.

All these steps are the best in preparation for the ceremony tonight. By following these steps can be a wonderful present between the other party.
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