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Easy Makeup Tips

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Total Beauty Solutions Easy Makeup Tips

To keep your body skin soft and healthy, you need to give it attentive care. If you have dry skin-or any skin type during winter time-practice the following routine : Bathe only once a day and limit showers-and baths to five minutes. 

Use lukewarm water and minimize the amount of soap you' apply. Concentrate the lather under the arms and in the groin area. Don't forget to wash the soles of your feet, between the toes, and your ears. If you have sensitive skin, avoid cleansers with fragrances and skip the loofah or any other abrasive sponge. Keep a pumice stone handy and use on the feet daily or weekly depending on the condition of your- feet. 

When you come out of the bath or shower, only pat your skin dry.In summer time-or if you have oily to normal body skin-feel free to take lengthier showers or increase the temperature. You can also shower or bathe two times a day. Loofah sponges are acceptable for exfoliation, but be careful not to make the skin raw or irritated. If you are a plus-size woman, don't forget to lift your breasts and any abdominal folds and wash underneath. Also, lift each arm to wash armpits and one leg to cleanse the groin area. If you have darkened areas on your neck and under the arms dark elbows or knees, or small rough bumps on the arms and legs do not attempt to scrub the problem away. You'll only irritate the skin. If, however, you notice peeling skin on your towel, you may need to exfoliate manually or chemically (using exfoliating acids). The following cleansers for the body offer a variety of options for- women in color: Olay or Dove Bar Soap, Avon's Bath Gels, Olay Cleanser for Dry Skin, and Dove Cleanser.
Some Beauty Makeup Tips easy makeup :

If you want to look well groomed but not heavily made-up, ensure that you have no harsh make-up lines round the eyes. The secret as always is to blend thoroughly.For blondes and those with fair hair, brown mascara is a more natural-looking option than black and if more definition is required a brown/black variety is suitable.If you want to wear a really pale shade of eye shadow, try adding definition to the eyes with a pencil and mascara to avoid the chance of looking washed out If you don't want to wear any make-up, try sweeping a large brush loaded with bronzing powder over your skin to create a healthy-looking golden finish.Choosing Skin Care Products and Beauty Products Tips Many beauty creams and skin care lotions on the market are now made with nourishing elements, leaving out the harmful products that in the past were plentiful. 

But nevertheless it is important to familiarize yourself with the ingredients so that you know what to look for and what to avoid.In choosing a cream, you must make it a habit to read the label - it tells the whole story. The ingredients are listed in the order of highest contents first, and least amount last. 

Thus, if you see a jar that lists collagen among the first three ingredients-grab it! If it hasa fragrance first and collagen last, or if lanolin and mineral oil are first-put it back.Things to look for at the top of the list on a label are any moisturizing ingredients, like water and aloe juice, collagen and elastin (natural proteins that keep the skin resilient), and sodium PCA (anatural moisturizer also found in the skin) - the so-called active ingredients. You don't want to use products with a high content of mineral oil or lanolin because these oils stay on top of the skin; they don't nourish it, they asphyxiate it, preventing your skin from absorbing moisture from the air. Another hint: Don't be put off by long names like propylparaben or methylparaben, preservatives that are in most creams to keep them from spoiling. If your creams don't have these additives, buy them in small jars and tubes, because their shelf life is short, and you don't want to have to throwaway a half-full container.

Beauty Masks. The products that are given here are easily available in the kitchen and the results are for yours to see. There are no harmful effects and the results can be stupendousTo create an illusion of greater lash lenght, plant a mascara wand at the base of your lashes and gently roll it horizontally as you glide it through the lashes.

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