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Makeup To Shine This Year End


Eye Makeup Styles


Makeup To Shine This Year End

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Shine Makeup

Glitter and glitter are used not only to decorate your Christmas tree or Christmas crafts are also a good idea to innovate your look and makeup to shine at night year-end. We tell you how.

Your eyes and your mouth will dazzle you with this trend. The idea is to play around and dare to add shine to your makeup.
Current products permit, as different brands offer in their cosmetic lines, glitter incorporated. Just inspire and shine.
In Belelú find this idea and loved it. In the note, Sole Donoso, makeup artist and said that the detail of the brightness can be a fun and sexy, that gives us a light touch of glamor, perfect for the holidays to come.
Furthermore, it can be applied in various ways, to achieve different intensities and drama.
Sole prefer Donoso also recommends cosmetics to shine dealing Craft, since the former are almost always a safe bet to the skin.
Although in many cases also address the latter with good results.

Then we tell you what kind of highlights and how you can use to achieve spectacular results :

Loose Glitters

- The advice is to use the Smoky eyes look, or better known as smoky eyes.
- For it is better to use a shadow in gel, liquid or mousse, and you get a better grip.
- You can also use a special glue or some clear lip gloss, you have to apply gentle taps of your fingertips.
- Then with a flat brush, moistened with water, carefully adding shine you on the mobile eyelid, without dragging.
- Shake the excess carefully to avoid fall frosts over the entire face.
- When done, you can clean your face that were taped.
- For this reason, the recommendation of the makeup is put on foundation and concealer after paint your eyes.

Incorporated Into The Make-up Gloss

- There are brands such as Mac or Urban decay eyeliner with both pencil and liquid, with embedded glitter.
- This is ideal for those who want a look as flashy or dramatic, and likewise give "great touch that will make your eyes shine," according Sole Donoso.
- There are also shadows with glitter, which have no effect as extreme as the frost loose, so they are fantastic to occupy in the day.
- They are also easy to use and very fast to use.
- For your lips, there are many gloss with glitter in their formulas.
- The recommendation of the makeup are the highlights with iridescent effect, "because they catch the light and become the protagonists to the lips."
- Girls are ideal for very thin lips.
- They also sell body creams with glitter, perfect to bring an extra touch of light and sparkle to your shoulders, legs, etc. . .  :))

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