Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Red Green Makeup


Makeup Styles 


Red and Green Makeup 


Dare with the magic of Christmas colors red and green with lots of shine.

The first step in a flawless makeup is a perfect complexion. Prepare the skin with foundation and illuminating. Then painted deep red lips and green eyes hope. Makeup finishes with a touch of rouge on the cheeks bronze with golden highlights. A look that feels great on dark brown eyes and brown or green.



Apply a bright green shade on the eyelid, to create a smoky effect and can put feline dark shadow over the green pigment from the middle outward. To light, shadow applied with the golden fingers below the brow influencing the central area of the eyelid.

With a round tip brush applies powder sun in the eye socket to blur the shadow green and gold. Line the upper lash rim with black eyeliner, painted the water line inside the eye white to illuminate and apply black mascara.



With red lipstick carefully define the contour without leaving much of its natural form and the interior. Powder and insist sealed with the pen to get the desired red.



With this makeup you can play with nails painted red or emerald green passion APRA a complete look. A more fun for Christmas is to make the interesting, alternating red and green.
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