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Tips For Applying Eyeliner


Tips For Applying Eyeliner

Applying Eyeliner

A trend in makeup is always present, season after season, is the eyeliner. High definition in our vision to achieve a spectacular look in a few easy steps. If you opt for this classic beauty in every situation that price, since we recommend that you take Creampie note of the tips below.

Apply the eyeliner is much simpler than it sounds, you just need patience and lots of practice, than the product that best suits your needs. You have a great variety of items to choose from the classic pen to the brush liquid, gel or cream, so you're sure to find the perfect eyeliner for you.

When you can choose the type of route you want to look. If you have small eyes, a very effective trick to enlarge your eyes is blurring the lower lash line and color the upper eyelid and bright tones.

The Cleopatra look is also very fashionable and is achieved with a thick line on the upper eyelid. Achieving this style is much easier than you think, you just need to apply the eyeliner from one extreme to the other eye on the eyelid, and from the middle out of the lower eyelid. To get the final touch, you have to make the corner ends in a point.

The ultimate purpose of makeup with eyeliner is double, which is achieved very easily also making up the inside. Now that you know these simple tricks, you just have to pick the perfect eyeliner for you, but from Creampie we recommend the Estee Lauder Pure Color Liquid Eyeliner.

A make-up simple and quick to use, with a path that will give you easy and durable. Perfect all night without touchups.
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