Saturday, December 10, 2011

yves Rocher 2012 Makeup


Eye Makeup Styles 


yves Rocher 2012 Makeup

yves Rocher 2012 Makeup

My favorite cosmetics brand, Yves Rocher, today introduced its latest in makeup for next autumn-winter season 2011/2012. So in today's article will review some of the more notable trends over the cold months, and can not miss on any vanity that boasts.

This time we focus on eye shadow, where the key actor is the plum that is also very much in fashion. A dazzling look, the kind that love from the first moment, you can get if you visit the shops of the firm.

So update your boudoir beauty with eye shadow Yves Rocher, flexible and velvety texture that applies easily and get a bright color and stable for hours. The Nature Couleurs Eye shadow is available in myriad hues, though I recommend you bet on the color of the season, that is the plum.

An innovation that has caught much attention for its innovation has been the eye shadow with watercolor effect. Its fluid texture fits perfectly into our skin, which gives a blurred and almost like a second skin. A very easy, quick and easy to apply, mate and get a result you will get diluted with surprise more than a friend.

These two eye shadows the trade will find in your nearest Yves Rocher, at an affordable price for any pocket. So do not wait any longer to equip your needs with the best proposals of Yves Rocher, beginning by visiting the online store of the firm, or, where you can also buy the cosmetics that you like, with confidence and the best price.
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