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Eye and Sensual Lips


Eye Makeup Styles


Eyes and Sensual Lips

As we have remarked several times, the eyes are one of the focal points of our face, not to say that they are the window to your heart, a sample of our personality and character.

The eye makeup helps us get one style or another, get a more youthful look or a more or sexy night, thus acquiring an important role in carrying out our beauty ritual. Sometimes, however, it seems that eye makeup is the most complex to implement, since it takes time and several steps, as well as brushes, pencils specific. not generally know how to use properly.

The eye makeup helps to add expression to your face, depending on the type of colors, we can convert all the protagonists of a style. The key is to choose colors that are complementary to your skin tone and color of your eyes, is what can make the key, the turning point between an elegant, ornate and unrefined look.  
Therefore, if you have :

Blue Eyes

Your colors are grays fetish, pinks, mauve, purple, orange, and bronze colors in general. Of course, the blues is your ideal range, but remember that the color tends to be darker, shadow clarita applied and vice versa.

Completely rule out the colors green, olive or brown.

Green Eyes

In your case, your shadows are brown, purple, plum, green and ocres.En your case, if the green is a deep tone, the range also debs er intensity, whereas if they are clear, the shadow should be a little softer.

Hazel Eyes

The ranges and darker brown, almost all shades agree, though, to emphasize that special glow of hazelnuts and honey colors, shadows lsd commitment peach, pink, purple and even green. If you want to darken the eye ranges used brown shades darker.

Brown Eyes

The brown eye is the majority and is the protagonist, increasingly, cosmetic campaigns, as they reflect personality. Accentuates the colors shine with copper, bronze, vanilla and champagne. Metallic colors and some greens, are also your talismans.

Brown Black Eyes

If your eyes are very dark, your goal is to make them larger, diffuse their harshness, creating a contrast of light. Use colors with touches of coral and pearl.

Always remember that eye makeup can help you change the aesthetics and the look on your face, changing the shape of the eyes, making them larger or smaller, tearing, optically separated ... so it is always advisable to apply small quantities, and give the color gradually, so that we can go to appreciate the change step by step.
Choose the right brush, larger if your eyes are large, or smaller if it is the other. Always err on the side with a smaller brush because it gives you more control and helps you better define the implementation of the shadows.

Choose a synthetic hair cream shadows, but if you love powder shadows, choose natural hair brushes. These brushes are specific to the eye makeup, do not use them for other applications.

1. Begin applying the shadow on the eyelid, making sure to cover the eye shadow and equally diffused, do it gently in an upward motion: Remember to apply the shadow towards the brow bone. If you make circular motions with the brush, only managed an even mix of color. The shadow should be applied toward the lachrymal area (or inner corner) and blurred. If you help the finger, should be clean and dry, and do it carefully.

2. Apply the shadow on the other eye. Make sure both eyes are equal in color, as in the application form. Correct it if you notice a little imbalance very minimal, since your face may lose harmony.

3. It's time to apply the eyeliner on the edge of the eyelid near the lashes, try to draw a fine line following the shape of them. This will create more thickness and depth to your eyes. You can apply eyeliner on the lower lash line to achieve a more strong and defined. Avoid applying eyeliner inferor only in the area because, although it can give a touch mysterious, greatly reduces the size of the eyes and your eyes. If you're not convinced the line above, with a fine brush, use a dark shadow, and draw it as if you apply the eyeliner. It is much more subtle, but it helps to avoid the effect of "belittling".

The black is suitable for night and day, but if you want a more natural look to the day bet on the brown, blue, gray or green if that is your eye color.
To give a touch of celebration, pencils you can have gold, silver or white. In these cases, the line be more fine and subtle, looking for that touch of glamor, since any excess can send us the opposite side.
4. Uses three types of shadows, the darkest in the eyelid, as we have spoken, and tonality in the lower line of the eye, blurred to the extent possible that the color difference. It should be a color gradient, the more natural the more we approach the brow bone. Avoid applying a lot, because over the hours it is possible that eye makeup can stay in the eye socket.
To add a touch of brightness and light and vitality to your look, uses a pearly white, ivory or champagne in the inner corner of the eyes and the brow bone. Blend carefully so that the light and shadow can not look like a stain on the edge of the eye or too sharp a line under the eyebrow.
5. Finish applying makeup, applying mascara is key and is what can define the perfection of all makeup. I leave the link to a specific article in which I teach you the keys and tips for applying mascara like a professional.


 So is that the color of lipstick that back by force, and no tricks are very easy to wear any dress or clothing, to illuminate the face, or increasing femininity with a single attitude : red lipstick.

articles about how to find a lipstick that suits you and get inspiration from my article I hope you find HERE
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