Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Small Notes




Last day of TUTORIALS and not lose the chance to speculate with our friends the makeup artists lounge what were the public hits this fashion season. Talking with Tatiane Pattena – one of the professionals of this team and that alone makeup of 20 to 30 invited daily! – We make more request is definitely the Apothecary black. "They want black well, even with only a little blur so as not to lose the pigmentation" comments. Another success is the eye kitten, "because they are curious to see how". And since it hit that button, it teaches that to get a perfect kitten: make a hint is dotted with eyeliner lying well at the root of lashes and then join these blip. To pull the "bottom of the cat" just point the tip of the pen/brush to the end of his eyebrow and join with the rest of the stroke. The Red lips was also the most successful, mainly the tones more open and lackluster. (E) products Make b. really did success among the girls, who elected the pen Delineadora, 3D Mastercils Volume mask and powder as their favorite products.

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