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Eye Shadow For Brown Eyes Black Hair


Eye Makeup Styles 


Eye Shadow For Brown Eyes Black Hair


Women with brown eyes and black hair very lucky when it comes to eye shadow colors. Although there are definitely some colors to stay away from, a variety of different styles you can create a rainbow of colors. The woman with brown eyes and black hair you can use brown, blue, green, purple, pink and some orange tones to create the perfect look from day conservative styles of the night to smoke. You can even use shades of gray and black, although the darker colors are best used as accents.



Women with brown eyes and black hair you can create a conservative look during the day with the Browns. Avoid brown flat, however. That will make your eyes look smaller and sunken. Instead, use a brown with a gloss and highlight with a light color like cream or light gold. Try:

Enchanted Forest by Maybelline. This shade is part of a quad that includes cream and brown, the two colors great companion. This is a lighter brown color that provides just enough to illuminate the eye for the day.

Tempting is a wonderfully delicious cocoa colored by MAC. This shade provides just the right amount of brightness. It's the perfect shade of brown to make the eyes pop, but not much.



Removing the blue eye shadow can be difficult, but worth it. The right shade of blue you can put a sparkle in his brown eyes. Pay close attention to your skin tone in this case. Some colors do not work with certain skin tones.

The playground of Maybelline Sapphire Ice offers a shade of blue for every skin tone. Combine them all to create a more dramatic look.



With a variety of shades to choose from, the purple is the color of eye shadow perfect for brown eyes black hair. Darker purples can create a good appearance later.

For the figure is always a shade of purple with pink tones Covergirl. It looks great on women with darker skin tones. The Spring Violet Duo L'Oréal Paris is a dark purple to great use for a night on the town. You can use the lighter shade as an accent color.



Rosy pink eye shadow gives a fresh and feminine. This is another color that you have to consider the color of their skin. Go too light and you will look washed out, especially if you have a darker skin tone, but choosing the right tone and is Pretty in Pink.
Laura Mercier 's Burgundy Eye Color Duo includes the perfect combination of light and dark brown eyes complement.
If you're still not sure what color or shade to use, you can always get a professional opinion.

Many cosmetic manufacturers offer color matching tools on their websites. Some even lets you upload your picture to find the perfect eye shadow. You can try different tones and colors until you find one you like. You can also chat online with a beauty consultant.

*) My Color Advisor recommends Maybelline eye shadow colors based on their skin tones and eye color. The tool is limited. You must choose between light, medium or dark skin tones. There is no way to indicate the color of the hair. Even with its limitations, the tool can match some great colors. You can also register for an account and save your preferences.

*) Covergirl offers a variety of options for color matching. They require you to register your name and email address. When it does, you can get into your hair and eye color and skin tone colors and is recommended for you. You can go one step further if you like and download their software makeup mirror. The mirror will allow you to upload your own photo or use a model and take a virtual makeover. You can test eye shadow, blush, lipstick and even nail color.

In person 


For a more personal touch, try the cosmetics counter at any major department store. Sellers can help you find the perfect eye shadow for brown eyes and black hair.

*) Nordstrom
*) Bloomingdales
*) Younkers

No matter the color you ultimately decide is right for you, should make you feel good about yourself. Have fun with it. There is no rule that says you can not use a different color every day.
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