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Lip Makeup For Pale Skin


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Lip Makeup For Pale Skin

Unfortunately not all have a warm Caribbean tan all year round. And for those who suffer from pale winter, here are a few tips that will undoubtedly be very helpful if you are looking to get a lip makeup very attractive and sensual.

You may be wondering how to do or what colors to utilize, on how to cook the white fur lips like mine.
Follow these tips!

Use nude lipsticks

The nude lip is salvation! Why? Well, very simple. Generally, white fur contrasted with lipsticks are very strong, and with colors like red and pink, so opt for cool colors, pastels and color nude is one of the best options if you are looking to highlight the face of the better.

Use glitter

 The lip glosses are also one of the best options when it comes to getting a very cool makeup that provides a smooth, feminine and natural. Also, try to select colors that do not contain glosses too dark, and definitely forget the red glosses! The shades are passionate for another time, please ...

Powder used shadows

Believe it or not, the shades provide an excellent powder image to the mouth. Provide a special glow that no amount of lipstick, gloss or gloss can offer, besides that, placed correctly, provide a few hours.

How? Very simple. First of all, put a little gloss on the lips, or perhaps a nude lip, and then with a little shade on one of your fingers spread the color on the lips. The result? Mouth will be a truly sensual, feminine, and bright.

Uses based on your lips

Another option more favorable and more personally use is to place (minimally) a little foundation on the skin of the lips before applying lipstick. And the reason is simple, fair skin, is completely camouflaged with lips after placing the base, and is fully conducive to the bar then takes its original color. Then, with just put a little blush on the cheeks notice a really great result.
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