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Smokey Eyes 7 Looks To Test


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Smokey Eyes 7 Looks To Test

The smokey eyes or smoky eyes are one of the latest trends in makeup 2012. Have you signed up ? Besides being a very sexy eye makeup that highlights the eyes of any color they are and give more depth to the look, they have another big advantage: there are hundreds of variants of smokey eyes.

The smoky eye is based on the premise of much eyeliner and dark shadow on the eyelids faded, the rest is up to you. Ranging from classic black eyeliner or shadow blending different colors combined on your eyes you can get different styles.

Here I propose 7 smokey eyes looks posing in Harper's Bazaar.

Smokey Eyes and 7 Styles to Mimic


Emma Stone looks delicate but deep makeup smokey eyes blue. To do this, outlined their eyes with blue eyeliner pencil and applied cream shade, after giving effect vanished with his eyes.


If you have fair skin, like Rooney Mara, you will be fantastic in the silvery blue smokey eyes, for this tone is reflected very well on pale skin. The secret is to blur the shadow on the eyelid and gently extend the fixed eyelid.


Zoe Saldana wears the traditional smokey eyes with dark shadows, as the color chocolate. However, given a more original feathering around their oval-shaped eyes. This trick will give greater depth to your eyes.


The look of Kristen Stewart is the most sophisticated, and also gives you a touch of mystery in your eyes. To achieve this effect, apply deep amethyst shade concentrating especially on the lash line and difuminándola by the eyelid.


Another version classic smokey eyes is what we see here, with the help of Keira Knightley, with black eyeliner and black shadow, but with a twist to your look inevitable not be "off": apply cream shadow with some glitter in the bone of the brow that contrast. It is fabulous!


To emphasize brown eyes and a wide-eyed effect, Rose Byrne has placed lavender-gray shadow on her eyelids which merged with golden brown at the corners of his eyes. Undoubtedly, one of the smoky eyes looks more delicate and sensual.


Jennifer Lopez is wearing smokey eyes of two colors: black near the lash line and metallic beige on the eyelids, which faded out (at the corner of the eye) is one of the most natural styles, for those who not want to be too much makeup.
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