Saturday, April 28, 2012

Avengers Eye Makeup For Thor


Eye Makeup Styles


Avengers : Eye Makeup Thor

1. As always, start with primer.
2. Apply red eyeshadow to your lid (Manly 120 palette, #1 in pic) I wanted a bit more drama, so I also added Stargazer eye dust #45 over the red shadow
3. Apply black to crease, blend upwards ( Manly 120 palette , #5 in pic)
4. Start blending the black with blue ( Manly 120 palette , #2 in pic)
5.Blend the blue with silver eyeshadow ( Manly 120 palette , #3 in pic)
6. Apply a small amount of white ( Manly 120 palette , #4 in pic) to highlight. I also added a hint of Sugarpill Lumi chromalust over the white shadow.
7. If you want the netting pattern, take a small piece of tulle netting, apply firmly over the silver shadow, and gently pat some black trough it, make sure you don't move the netting while applying shadow.
8. Attach the "metal studs" (I found mine from crafting store) with drops of lash glue
9. Line your eye with black gel/ liquid/ pencil liner, and you water line with bright blue liner (MSCHIC Electric Blue Sea eyestain, no longer available).
10. Apply mascara, and false lashes (Sugarpill Baby dewdrop false lashes & Spark false lashes )

Trivia of This Look :

This was one of the trickiest looks, I actually made three different looks before I was happy with the result!
Originally my idea was to add in some gold (in honor of the old comic version), but I soon realized that mixing gold and silver just won't work.
I also wanted the red to be in "cape -shape", but that didn't work either.
The second version was a bit better, and it was really close that I didn't publish it, but in the last minute I backed off. I wanted to stand behind these looks 100%, and since I wasn't quite sure about the look, I did the final version the next day, and instantly knew that was it.
I bet the Thor look wouldn't be so awesome if it had looked something like this :

Perfect example how nobody's perfect ;)

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