Monday, May 7, 2012

Hazel Eyes Makeup Tips


Eyes Makeup Tips


Tips : Hazel Eyes Makeup 


Brown eyes are the most common and come in various shades. We find dark brown eyes, brown cigar, light brown and very light brown or hazel. So you have to consider what your key to know what brown eye makeup applied.
If your eyes are hazel or brown lighter shade, the makeup that you will be better for your eyes are those of a darker color than your natural skin color. Some shades of champagne, mauve or purple, for example, look great to highlight brown eyes. As for the delineated, a black or brown are very good.
The pure hazel eye makeup is the easiest to work.Trees look great with almost any color of shadows! Consider the violet, mauve, purple or green shades for shadows, though you can with gold, bronze or copper. To choose, try the darker eyeliner, such as black.
And if you want to highlight very dark brown eyes, we recommend shadows that are neither too dark nor too clear, although it depends on the style you want to achieve. For example, some smokey eyes with a little light on the brow bone is very compelling.
Mascara ? In all cases, it is always better to go for a mascara in black or dark brown.
As I have said on several occasions, makeup miracles and do not really need blue or green eyes to achieve a spectacular look. The good hazel eye makeup tips is that it is very varied.Try what you look better!
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