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Types Of Makeup Brushes How to Choose The Right One ?


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Types Of Makeup Brushes How to Choose The Right One ? 


What are the reasons why when you paint at home and you paint a professional are not the same? Of course, it is not the same paint itself which paint to another, years of professionalism, very good quality products... and ever thought that the utensils such as brushes or brushes of makeup are also very important to leave a perfect makeup?

The answer is clear. Important is the product, but also very important are the brushes and brushes that are used, so in you are going to give a few tips to find out what the best options when it comes to buy these products and know how to distinguish the different types of makeup brushes.

Natural Hair And Synthetic Hair Brushes

The first difference is the following: natural hair and synthetic hair. If your choice are the natural hair will come perfect for powder makeup products while the synthetic are perfect for products in creams, although it will always depend on the taste of each one.

And the shape of the hair? Straight, rounded at tip; This depends on the area you want to put on make-up. For the base, it must be flat and synthetic. The blush / blush, wide and natural hair. To define the eye, must be deep pile and cut at an angle or blurred shadows that will be natural hair and long bristles.

How Much Spent For a Makeup Brush ? 


The purchase of a makeup brush also depends on the budget you have and that you want to buy. It is clear that the choice is personal and there is no way to know what your perfect brush. You will have to try and first of all know how you apply make-up if in powder or cream, as well as the shadow of eyes, etc.

And now finally remember the important thing is to have quality than quantity. So you will have few brushes but they will last you long and you get effects before you'd not. You it does nothing have brushes of all types if they are not advised for each zone to makeup.

Remember to have them clean and well-maintained to keep them in perfect condition; the cosmetics hygiene is very important. You can wash them with water, leaving them under this residue and if you want a shampoo can be used. When you completing allow them to dry in the open air, and they will be perfect for when to use them again.
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