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The Art of Makeup



The Art of Makeup


Learn how to apply makeup according to your way. face and skin type ...

Easy and very simple to do, you can enhance your beauty with little tricks, techniques and makeup tips .... Animate look and feel much better!

Shade :

Blue Eyes :

To emphasize blue eyes use gray, pink, mauve, purple, orange, peach, gold or any shade of bronze. When selecting a shade of blue that matches your eyes, follow the rule of opposites. (If the eye is dark blue, sky blue used, if the eye is icy blue, use darker blues)

Green Eyes :

To emphasize green eyes use chestnut color, royal purple, violet, plum, forest green and brown. If the iris is deep green, try using a darker eye shadow.

Hazel Eyes :

To accentuate the shades of green with hazel eyes, use royal purple, pink, purple and green pine.

Brown Eyes :
To emphasize brown eyes, the colors used copper, bronze, champagne, beige, forest green, gold and other metallic colors. Uses some shades of green to complement brown eyes.

Brown-Black Eyes Color :

To emphasize deep brown eyes, use lighter shades and pearl to shine more light. Try a translucent green.

Step by Step Makeup At Night :

The first step you should do is to clean and moisturize the area to make up.
Before placing a makeup base, to clarify the eyelid and the shadows are set and last longer.

Apply blue and purple shadow on the eyelid, then put a dark shadow on the crease (remember to put just a little dark shadow since they have a lot of pigmentation)

Blending the dark shadow up and the ends to give depth to the eye.

Apply a light shade, in this case white, under the arch of the eyebrow to illuminate the area.

Outline with black shadow (hint: if you moisten the brush with water and a bit of shade this will serve to delineate and last much longer than a pencil or liquid, and the view is much better)

It is very important that when using a tabbed arched use it before putting the mask, so that these remain all Avitar stuck and broken.

This way your lashes will look fresh and natural.

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