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Desimular Freckles And Skin Blemishes

Desimular Freckles And Skin Blemishes 


Freckles are brown spots, alone in the face or chest and shoulders, these are caused by excess melanin that gives color to our skin

Causes feasible to produce spots :

-The main enemy of healthy skin is sun exposure, to the persons in this place do not have freckles appear and for those who do have freckles Parson may have increased brown and increase their numbers.
-Drinking alcohol, HIGH PRESSURE medications, insomnia, ect ..
-Birth control pills.
-Hormonal changes due to pregnancy.
-Liver spots (menopause)
Homemade tricks to lighten freckles and blemishes:
-Put butter or olive oil 100% natural on the spots at night, remove the next day.
-Juice with a cotton lawn.
-Macarilla yogurt with honey, leaving half an hour and remove.
Oat-Macarilla with water, mix until creamy both, put on your face and let dry, remove with cold water and ready!
All these steps you decide to implement should be constant to see the results.

If you want cream or lotion utilezar consultation with a dermatologist or cosmetic Sentra where you have: Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion, laser treatments ect

On the other hand, I I can offer a way to cover some or desimular those freckles in a sensilla and easy with a little makeup and Lystra!


These are the products I used, you must first tinificar skin clean and then apply the offset (in this case applied with wet brush as this way the product covers and more adiere skin), then place the base (topical sponge not drag the spell) and finish with a translucent powder to set the volatile makeup.


Remember it is very important that all the time always use sunscreen at least SPF 15, placing agencies making use makeup or makeup that come with such protection, bear this in mind as the sun every time we produce more damage and we notice much more on our skin over time .

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