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Evolution of Makeup


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Evolution of Makeup

The makeup has been and is of great importance in the history of human aesthetics. At all times, we have sought the best way to enhance beauty, to give expression to the face, give it personality.
It has been shown that a correlation between the actual physical appearance and desired to purchase a greater degree of emotional and psychological balance. It is evident that makeup helps give the person confidence in herself, she adds vigor and optimism.

If you remote to the age of the caves, there are indications of the origin and makeup, for these beauties-antithesis of our contemporary tastes his face smeared with reindeer fat.
Also for the Egyptians, beauty was a real cult.

In Greece, the ladies take special care to the face and hands. The Roman was obsessed by the beauty recipes and invented extravagant ointments and comfort to beautify the skin.
With the revival appears the exaltation of the beauty of the face, while the tendency to obesity became a popular beauty canon.

El Siglo XVIII century is defined as moles and rouge. Romanticism, fashion imposes the pallor of the face. In the late nineteenth century follows the evolution of makeup, which covers the face of many women, fearful of aging too fast.

Finally we entered the twentieth century ... a century in the final vertex is consolidating as the domain of the image (television, satellites, film, etc). This is very important as the makeup takes on greater significance because the aesthetics of the face, the image of women and men is an important visual factor.

It has grown from a stridently and excess paint to a restraint, harmonizing tones and colors that are looking to get a face dominated the natural, avoiding artifice.
Aesthetically, the makeup is a touch on the skin to the way the artist creates his work and the wonderful. Art is the union of ethics and aesthetics and in this way might include the history and evolution of aesthetics and beauty through the ages.

At present, the makeup means much more than the application of some cosmetics on a face to make it look better. Makeup has become indispensable to enhance the personality of whoever looks, respect, however, personal characteristics, not defeat.
Get makeup to enhance the harmony and balance propositions of the face, giving it a caring, bright and beautiful at any age.
Makeup is not masking, covering, but finding a balance of lines on a face and the harmony of the whole.

It is important to conduct a study of the person you're going to make up and adapt our work to the place where you plan to wear makeup and wardrobe that will take, capture the personality of each person to enhance it.
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