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Makeup Tips For Eyes

Makeup Tips For Eyes 


Skin Types To use and according to your skin avoid




A fast diagnosis indicates the most efficient way to perform the daily routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Tanbien helps the makeup look much better, because the products adhere better to clean skin ....

There are four skin types : Dry, sensitive, oily and combination. According to the characteristics of each one, you can establish how one's own.

Sensitive skin : This errojece and stains easily, reacts when it contacts an irritant, produces burning and itching.

Avoid : Common products, set aside or peelings peels, they are very aggressive treatments for this skin type, avoid putting the product directly to the face without providing prior elsewhere in the body (see if you have a reaction).

Use : Products hypoallergenic, oil-free fluid.

Daily cleaning : With milk, alcohol-free toner and moisturizer hypoallergenic.

Oily Skin : Has a tendency to pimples, open pores and blackheads, is a bright and oily skin.

Avoid : Do not use oils and products of barrier, which can clog pores, it is best to consult with the dermatologist.

Use : oil-free moisturizing creams, astringents and exfoliating, wherever possible, natural, the best are often the spray and gels.

Cleaning : You must be daily morning and evening.

Dry Skin : This skin does not produce enough sebum (natural skin lubricant), its spectrum is fragile and brittle. The pores are fine and are broken veins on the cheeks, felt strained and enrrojese, wrinkles appear earlier than in other skins.

Avoid : Use soaps on your face, very hot water and alcohol products not exfoliate more than once a week.

Use : Cleansing Milk and greasy moisturizer with oils.

Cleaning : Use cleaning waste (oils) and moisturize constantly.

Combination skin : You fat parts forehead, nose and chin and dry areas cheeks and eyes.

Avoid : heavy gels astingentes products.

Use : toning lotion, without alcohol, to avoid irritation in the drier areas.

Clean up daily in the morning and at night. Exfoliate only the parts with grease.

For all skin types it is recommended to drink two liters of water daily to remove impurities, cleanse and moisturize the skin naturally.

Dry skin that kind of makeup you use ?

It is highly advisable to use shadows, blushes and concealers mousse in my case I got much success as I have very dry skin and are very easy to apply and distribute through a face that is moistened with very oily creams and powders that addition to dry out the skin over filling, in the case of the shadows blur PODES not good.
Another very good option for
dry skin cream are the leftovers, although many do not like the topic after a time to implement, the produto tends to juntarce in the crease of the eye; This is a very sensilla solution and re-distribute finger and ready !

Another product that is very good are the leftovers in crayon because they are simple to apply and are distributed on a very creamy, very good because they can use it in a shadow, blush, lipstick and even enlightening.
For the last option can be used on volatility, these are very pigmented and therefore the amount of product you use will be minimal, so the makeup will be light, fresh and moisturized and you will not find the product you face a dry and quebrajee your skin.

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