Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Makeup And Fun Rainbow


Eye Makeup Styles

Makeup And Fun Rainbow For Large Parties

A new look and new style, new design, and a different style of makeup. Rainbow eye make-up fun and great for parties. To create this type of look you need to be rainbow colored eyeshadows and steps on how to create a rainbow eye makeup look.This is a special make-up is very bright, colorful and fun.

It's great for a party or wear makeup when you feel like playing with colors.Make sure that the right eye shadow: hot pink, sweet, pink, orange, yellow, green, electric blue and beige. It works better if the colors are shiny.First apply a good primer to cover the eye.Using a brush application of make-up eyes hot pink in the inner corner of the eye in a vertical line, respectively.

Make sure put a lot of colors on the brush to make the color vibrant.To make sure that blended in his eyes properly brush up as well as side effects.The application of orange, yellow, and green eyes in the same way that hot pink.Margin of eye shadows blend together so that the transition from one color to another smoothly.

Take creamy white eye pen and make a line under your lower lashes only starting from the outer corner to inner corner.Application of blue eye shadow until the mid-your lower eyelid over the eye white as a solution using a small brush.Using a small brush and put pink sweet to the other half of your lower eyelid and blend it with blue for a period of transition nice and smooth.Using a combination brush blending all the colors above your crease.Using a pen black eye line the lower water line upper lashes.

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