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Wedding Makeup

Eye Makeup Ideas 


Total Soloution Wedding Makeup 


Makeup is often overlooked element of surprise when planning Shadi your dreams. Brides always focus on the planning and fashion jewelry, hair, and the wedding site but do not realize it, amazing to look stunning on their wedding day they really need to have good makeup applied by a professional. 

Wedding makeup nature is a condition unique and private system for a great day needs careful thought and consideration. Adviser to the beauty of our wedding, Lubna Rafiq Art Beauty shares some insights with you wedding beauty . 

My approach to the personal make-up dolls and one of corrective, subtle makeup that enhances the best features of the bride and make it look natural and radiant in a beautiful day, great. The first thing people notice when they look to the bride - is how she looks amazing and bright, not the makeup itself.When it comes to applying wedding makeup, and there is the correct sequence and technique for follow-up as well as the preparatory phase to make sure that you will be your best looking absolute. Choose a color and advice on the best and most appropriate, products and methods and is also imperative. What works for you in your day to day use, or in other special events will not necessarily make you look your best on your big day! This kind of depth of knowledge comes only from the beauty of the experience with makeup in the shadows of the wedding Makeup.

Skin and eyebrows :

The first thing is to get the right skin and eyebrows .I would recommend a series of face in the period before your wedding (if you do not already have the face normal) Start a few months before the wedding, as is common for your skin to get out and get worse before it gets better after the face if you do not have one for a long time. (Something to do with getting all the impurities out) Treat yourself to one a month for four months before the big day ... You have one post should be at least a few days before your wedding, to give your skin time to settle. Must remain in the form of eyebrows in the form of regular and one day before the day, if possible d.. On the morning of your wedding Makeup, make sure the moisture from your skin about ten minutes before applying your makeup. Always recommend that you have your hair by following your make-up. The next stage is to be applied on the base. To remember that these images should take caution when using the basis of light reflection and hidden.I do not say to steer clear of the light reflecting foundations hidden, in fact they are great to give the appearance of the skin, and the dewy young. Steer clear of very shiny bronzers Although blushers ... If you want to use the bronze, use a dead one and use it very subtly, quietly on the cheeks, bridge of the nose, on top of your forehead, where you naturally catch the sun in mind that the bear.Your neck should not be very different in color to your face. (Do not be tempted to try to put a bronze all around your neck. you just end up staining your lengha.

Eyes :

For your eyes, you can not go wrong with the makeup light died with sparkling Shadows.use a combination of colors to complement the brides dress.As a soft black (no brown), use black mascara for the wedding day,Even if you are very fair and usually goes to the children will show up better in the private
Images, close to the base of your stained lashes on your upper lid Will make your lashes look thicker, and in conjunction with little or gray dakr witha brown eye shadow I think the application of the brush at the base of your lower Lashes, and skill will determine your eyes completely from the images.

Lips :

The lips of the bride, I would like to use the color that will not conflict with the eyes of the bride and dress, of course Bouquet with ... Bearing in mind you have already prepared your lips when you apply your foundation and powder by placing a suitable ointment or moisturizer for after you have done your base. By the time you're ready to lipstick to be applied, and your lips will be in excellent condition ... , Always leaves the latter too. I use the "Nude" Lip Pencil on the lips all before applying lip color because it gives more stamina, and the application of lip color, then blot with a tissue and apply lipstick with a touch of gloss, color or more to enhance the shimmering shade the lower lip and your light touch on the upper lip.

Finally :

Party's most important is to allow yourself a good three hours to get ready because this gives a lot of time to work your beauty and charm make you look stunning. More importantly, will give you some of the apathy of the utmost importance of time away from interfering with your saree. Before the entrance, a quick check and powder before you leave for the ceremony.
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