Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Guide To Makeup In Pink


Eye Makeup Styles


Guide To Makeup In Pink

Today we HiperModa dyed pink, one of the colors that characterize women. Since we are girls, we never lacked any accessories, clothing or toy of this color as feminine.

But when it comes to beauty, often do not know how to take and when it comes to makeup : we must be very careful when we apply colored shadows on our eyes, because if you exceed your face will look more like a clown that of a woman.

Hand in hand with the tips of the artist and celebrity makeup artist Oonagh Connor's, I bring you a simple step by step to learn to wear this delicate color in your eyes.

Step 1

Take an eye shadow in pink and apply below your eyes line from the center outward. To give the illusion of depth, making up continues gently upward to the brow, as shown. With a finer brush, apply bright pink shade from the outside inwards below the eye line, near the lower lashes.

Step 2

Add mascara on your lashes several times to spice up your eyes.

Step 3

Apply soft peach pink blush on your cheekbones in a sweeping motion up the ear.

Step 4

Now is your turn to dress up your mouth. First outlines its outline with a soft pencil thin lips starting from the corners of the mouth outward. Then paint your lips with lipstick pink range you want: if you are a woman bold, shocking pink test image.
Use a tissue between pursed lips to remove any excess lipstick.

List !

Finally, different types of makeup looks pink Rihanna, Thalia and Cameron Diaz. Which do you prefer ?

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