Thursday, February 16, 2012

Celebrity Makeup For Winter 2012


Eye Makeup Styles


Celebrity Makeup For Winter 2012

Our article today, we have you will see some of the Board to the new trends of this style by 2012. However, on this occasion we will leave very little clothing aside to focus on the makeup. Find what style galore, renewing the face of the celebrities.

Red Lips

To test this winter with highlight your lips with a dark red. You can follow the example of Charlize Theron, who opts for staying in a dramatic style. How do you get it? Easy. It keeps the rest of your makeup soft, to create an interesting contrast. It's perfect for any party at night. Is not Super similar to snow white ?

Stunning Eyes

Try a makeup similar to the Angelina. I invite attention centers in your eyes dwindle with enough shade. Although the recommendation is to always use black, you can encourage you to other colors. That Yes, ensures that your mouth stays on the wave "nude", i.e., a bit of brightness to highlight the meatiness and ready. Believe me, you'll be the most beautiful of the cocktail.

Spider Tabs

With this rhyme we want to reimpose a tendency used to be more than in in the 1950s. The idea is to take loaded eyes makeup which consist of several layers of mask. Once achieve you péinalas to create an effect of amplitude, that they will be separated into small groups. It is one of the new forms of wear on the red carpet... If not look to Lea Michele!

Perfect Combination

You thought that worry about the details was a thing of the past? Not girls, harmony is a thing of life. Anne Hathaway evidenced with lips in choral tone combined with the blush of the cheeks. This is an ideal formula for which are pale because they highlight the apples giving life to the face. Forget the cold !
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