Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Makeup Tips


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Makeup Tips

Here will tell you some tips tricks used by some of the best professional make-up artists and make-up. With these makeup tips you can achieve one perfect and increase your skills to your application.

Pencil for eyes :
Lancome signature advised that it is better to start with mascara and then apply the eyeliner pencil for eyes, both liquid and cream. Eyelashes will highlight more and it will be easier to outline the eyes.

Mascara :
It is preferred to begin with a brush thin when it comes to putting the mascara. This will make the tabs to obtain the desired effect, and then you can insert with other brushes to add volume. Not only start with a thin brush will help for better the tabs, but it will be easier to place it evenly.

Blush :
It is convenient to use a blush cream instead of using one powder. Our skin responds best with a creamy texture and helps to create a fresh and natural look.

Shadow of eyes and lips color :
In make-up technology is evolving fast, and increasing numbers of firms offer us multi task cosmetics. We recommend with your shadows of multi task choose a tone for the eyes and one darker for the lips. The shadows make it look amazing, no doubt you have to try it.

Basis of face :
When we place our skin-based, it is always advisable to follow instructions and ensure a perfect blend. However, you have to try to rub you hands and pass them by cheeks, forehead and Chin. This will help give you a more natural look and eliminating excesses in areas.
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