Friday, February 10, 2012

Extra Black Makeup For Your Eyes


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Extra Black Makeup For Your Eyes 


For a time this part have seen how makeup trends have evolved in favour of one much more visible and elaborate eyes a few years ago, when painting the eyes was little more to apply to finger a shade to match the color of the clothes and little else. Currently there are many techniques that you can choose to give according to what style the look that you have chosen on each occasion.

One technique that has been most successful is the smoky eyes, also known as smoky effect, that together with the regression to the delineation which provides you the eyeliner has resulted a few eyelids with a high content of extra black. A somewhat laborious technique, but it offers a fantastic final result, so you'll need to practice a little pencil before giving the final leap to the eyeliner it.

You have to begin by drawing a line that frame all of the birth of the tabs on the upper eyelid, and even make an important marking in the lacrimal, of a sinuous and descending mode which will be opposite to the outdoor area, where the corner will be overly upward. Then make a second highest stroke, whose path you'll to join it with the tip of the corner out of the lacrimal.

From there, fill the designed figure without fear and seeks to do with products that contain pigments extra-black but not to leave any brightness or feeling of nacre as this style should be completely flat. It slightly blurs the edges and do not forget to mark the Arch of the eyebrow of beige. Complete technique with an overly bulky, black mascara and maximum length. To further strengthen the feeling extra-black, paint the inner lower stripe of white.
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