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Carnival Makeup


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Carnival Makeup 


The carnival season is approaching and we all want to be in tune. One of the best ways is by using an appropriate makeup for it. And we know that this type of makeup is not just any, it is something brilliant, creative and fun.
Makeup in this way can take the influences of the various carnivals that take place in the world. These include the Brazilian Carnival, the world's most famous, the Uruguayan carnival, Mardi Gras in New Orleans and the Carnival of Venice.
To see some makeup tips carnival, just follow me.
  • Brazilian Carnival : a celebration is very bright and vibrant colors. The makeup is full of color and is accompanied by feathers and glitter cosmetics. Makeup is not always the whole face but the eyes are highlighted and can be made some beautiful designs.

  • Uruguay Carnival : In this carnival there are many different shows and each has its own makeup. In the case of the groups, the showgirls wear makeup similar to Brazil, but those who play the drums can paint their faces in many different ways. As for the street musicians, they are looking for a makeup to alter their expressions, as they are on stage and the audience must see clearly. It is widely used white face with colors.
  • Mardi Gras : Mardi Gras for this makeup is not hard to follow and issues to be influenced by all carnivals in the world. Most of the time is used up artistry making different designs on their faces. You can also apply false lashes in bright colors. The funny thing is let your imagination when you wear makeup for this event.
  • Venetian Carnival : Most people use masks for this event, but some people prefer to makeup his face. Masks can be imitated or go for caricatures of the times of the dances of royalty.
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