Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Animate Black Eyes

Eye Makeup Styles

Animate Black Eyes

HiperModa always we bring you the latest trends, whether in dress and in accessories. But fashion is a whole, and the beauty and makeup are also important part of every season.

This season is a good example with black eyes that we offer the most prestigious designers and brands. Gucci uses dark blue color shades and frames black kohl eyes, slightly blurred under the lower lashes.

Although the version of Balenciaga may seem excessive, it is extremely flattering for clear eyes. Of course, both the skin and lips are practically naked. Completely contrary to the naive and natural styles that we were seeing so far.

Versace offers a lighter version, in which the shadows in shades of earth and smoke mixed with a slight touch of gold on the brow bone to give breadth to the look. This time even the brow bone is stained with gray shadows. This proposal favors Gucci only if you have dark eyes. Discard it if you have them clear.

The legendary and charismatic Karl Lagerfeld frames the look with kohl and shadows in shades of blue midnight blue. A perfect alternative for light eyes as the highlights of a very sharp but so sexy at the same time.

Proposed  Eyes in the dark shadows that are used-a winning combination of smoke and gray tones in the upper lid and under lower lashes.
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