Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Eye Makeup Night


Eye Makeup Styles 


Eye Makeup Night 


 The makeup at night is essential. Women tend to transform completely when we go out with friends, we wear the best clothes and dazzling men go our way. But we can not forget that the eyes say it all between your child and you. Therefore, there is no question of using the simple liner. If we are going to be a femme fatales have to leave behind washed face and take action.

You do not know how to apply makeup for the night ? Do not worry, in a few simple steps can ensure that all eyes land on you with this fantastic eye makeup night.

Step by step 


  • Make a blending of three colors : gold, brown and black. Begins to achieve a gradient between colors so they look the best way possible, from the tear in the center. Remember to start from the outer corner, drawing a line oblique. Repeat the procedure until brown placing two colors get mixed gently. Give him the finishing touch with the black shadow.

  • Then mark the growth of the upper lashes with liquid liner. With a wider brush, vanishes up the line marked.


  • To achieve an incredibly sexy look you can draw the lower lid with a pencil. The advice is that you do over and above the tabs.

  • Finally, apply mascara to enhance the Makeup. No doubt it is an excellent and easy option nightlife.
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