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Makeup In Pink

Pink is the color par excellence of femininity, gentleness and romanticism, and therefore a perfect tone to star in our makeup. Yes, because in addition to the above look this nice skin color seems equivalent to a more healthy look ...
Would you like to learn how to apply makeup with this color without falling into excesses ? In makeup miss you a hand with this, so take note and try starting today with this look so sweet.
Virtually all shades of the range of roses are ideal for daily wear, because if you choose ranges avoiding stridency get softer makeup of a quite natural way without sacrificing sophistication. In this sense, our advice is to book the most intense colors for your leisure or your partner or outings with friends.
To start you cover your face with your usual foundation (always tailored to your skin tone) and hide imperfections with concealer as dark circles, pimples and dark areas to achieve a smooth and perfect. On this basis and you can apply a pink blush tone you prefer, although more intense pinks help add life and color to your whole face also providing a healthy, natural touch (you can also apply at the end of makeup).
For the look we recommend you play with two or three shades using the entire lid Clarita pinks more nearly white, a medium shade on the eyelid and to a more intense to match the above if the occasion requires a bit more glamor. To round off your romantic look do not forget to draw a line of eyeliner on top lashes and also apply a good coat of mascara (even two).
As for the lips, this color range is nearly infinite in the market. From makeup we recommend using pink tones near nude or pink pastel type for everyday and give added strength to makeup as required by stronger colors like fluorescent pink or red, or purple granatosos.
The textures also vary depending on the occasion, and who kills more senillos will be less striking than the gloss of certain lipsticks and gloss.
The makeup in shades of pink used to encourage more women with fair skin, although this is not reason enough for brunettes have to drop it.
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