Thursday, March 22, 2012

Smokey Eye Modern


Eye Makeup Styles 


Smokey Eye Modern 


The eye makeup does not always have to be serious. Fresh and creative styles can be created with color, texture and design elements funky.

For an update young, modern with the classic smoky eye, apply a dark shadow on the lower lid and the edge of the shadow with a bright dark eyes.

Show your colors

No need to stick to one color of eye shadow when doing makeup. Apply makeup primer cap to prevent spread its shadow, then choose eye shadows in various complementary colors to create a rainbow effect through their eyelids. Glossy or shiny shadows can create a look especially cool.

Clean Green

There is only one way to "go green." When you want to give out a clean and minimalist, try applying a single eye shadow, matte from lash line to the front line. Green is not the only color that works - try brown, blue, tan and gray to get a similar effect.
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