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Brown Eye Shadows


Eye Makeup Styles 


Brown Eye Shadows 


Although there are many shades of eye color, and between brown eyes are the most common, this color if you're privileged, it is one of the tones that are well adapted to the different colors of shadows. We teach you what the shadows for brown eyes most recommended

It is very easy to highlight the color of eyes, with the right combination of color and a layer of mascara is great for evening makeup. As for daytime makeup, simply apply only in the shade.

Let the Best Colors of Brown Eye Shadows :


It sounds redundant, but it is the color that brings out the very tone brown eyes, the tone will depend on how light or dark it is your eye color. If you are clear, you must choose between the midtone to dark and vice versa. If your tone is among the media, you can play with the full range of brown shades.


The range of purples are ideal for brown eyes, regardless of the color of your skin for the day you can use lighter colors and let the purple makeup night.


This color is a bit more complicated, because the tone of your skin is going to determine if it suits you or not. The colors that you experience is the turquoise, blue and crystal.


If your eyes go to amber tones, the green are you going to bring out more. You can make a smoky makeup with colors like khaki or olive green.

Other Colors

You can also use other colors, but to a lesser intensity, the colors pink, plum, orange, red, coral and wine are great for daytime makeup.

If you have brown eyes began to experiment with these tones and enjoy your beauty enhancement.
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