Thursday, April 12, 2012

Different Eye Makeup Styles


Eye Makeup Styles 


Gothic Makeup two Different Forms of Eye Makeup 


this picture I found very interesting. Shows two different forms of eye makeup, whether smoked, creating a gradient of colors, or outlining with black eyeliner and shadow to create a certain shape. In both cases involves a very full eye makeup, especially if using dark shadows, but I think a good benchmark. We can change the dark shadow for a more clear for a softer look.

The first look is based on a profiled intense eyes and complete, and is combined with a dark shade. To create the corner of my eye, the trick is to refer the angle of our brow. Then add the outline on the bottom, again with eyeliner. It boosts a little more into the eye line with black pencil. As for the shade, one in black makeup will create a strong, brown it a more dramatic. It actually works very well with any kind of shadow depends on the intensity you want for your makeup. The thing to note about this type of makeup is not only hard part but the look, but also diminishes the eyes.
The second look is to create a beautiful smoky eye. Besides a black shadow takes a lighter shade to create the gradient, either a white, pale pink or light gray. After applying this clear shadow around the eye, apply the black shadow from the inside out creating an almond shape. Then he outlines with pencil or eyeliner, the top line and bottom, and if you like, also the inner bottom. This makeup provides great depth and gives a more elongated in the eye.



Video On Youtube For Different Eye Makeup Styles

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