Monday, April 30, 2012

Brown Smoky Eyes


How to Get Brown Smoky Eyes


A dramatic make-up this season's popular smoky eyes. Give the traditional smokey eyes a new twist, however, by adding some effects in different colors. Use smoked browns for an informal brown. Brown smoky eyes is a bit less dramatic than black complexion, and looks good for everyone, from light to dark. Is an idea, spark plugs?
  1. Begin by carefully lining the top and bottom of the eyes with a dark brown or black liner. Soften the lines by gently smudging with a fingertip or cotton swab.
  2. Line the top and bottom of the eyes next with a matte brown eye shadow using a small brush. Stay close to the eyes, and blend out toward the crease. The color should be in a chocolate or lighter cocoa color. Stay away from red- or pink-toned browns which will give you a sickly look.
  3. Dust the entire eyelid with a lighter color using a makeup brush. A shimmery shadow works well. Choose a color that compliments the darker brown but steps it up a bit. A bronze or gold tint would look best.
  4. Finish with volumizing waterproof mascara on the eyelashes. It should be either black brown or black, depending on which color eye liner was used. Once the first coat of mascara has dried, apply a second coat to the top lashes only.
  5. Use softer shades of makeup on the lips and cheeks so nothing will compete with the dramatic eyes. Soft and light nude shades look best.
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