Friday, April 27, 2012

Dramatic Eye Makeup

Tips For Applying Dramatic Makeup


The dramatic makeup look was created especially for the runways, it is a type of makeup that draws much attention. However, for some time now, many women have adopted as a common makeup to wear at parties and / or casual dating. In this type of makeup used shadows very dark colors such as black, red and purple, which in turn are combined with neutral colors like beige and sand. Use this type of makeup gives you a bold and dramatic appearance.

Obviously you should use a makeup that go in line with the clothing that you will use, so it is best to opt for neutral colors in terms of clothing, so you can take all the attention to the makeup. This makeup highlights your facial features, creating a look sofosticado and mysterious.

Dramatic Eye Makeup

If you want to emphasize your eyes are dark smoked using a strong outlined, apply two coats of leaves lips mask and transparent.

Dramatic Lips Makeup

If you want to be more subtle make the emphasis on the lips, using darker shades of red or purple, in this case the eyes have an outline Sombres soft beige. The dramatic makeup will give you a vintage look, and strangely enough, looks great on women with darker skin colors. However, if you choose good colors to use, looks good on any skin color.

The important thing to remember is to emphasize only the eyes or lips. To view other similar heavy dramatic makeup reviews.
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