Friday, April 20, 2012

Gothic Makeup


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Gothic Makeup

Would you like to learn how to apply makeup like goth girls ? This time we set aside the traditional makeup to get into the gothic makeup, which is that used by followers of this subculture.
Gothic makeup is inspired by horror films. Faces look pale white, black or deep red lips like they're bleeding and your eyes shaded in black are the typical features of this look. Here are some tips and a video that will teach you to apply yourself gothic makeup. Would you try it you encourage ?
Whiten your face to look like you're really pale. To do this, you have to use a good foundation in one or two shades lighter of your skin and then apply white powder evenly.
Outlines and apply black shadow. The color black is undoubtedly a symbol of gothic culture and therefore can not be left out of this look. Line your eyes with black liquid eyeliner or pencil several times so they are well noticeable. Then apply black shadow to accentuate your eyes more. The blackest eyes, the better.
Black or red lips. Find a lipstick black or red most intense encounter. The lips look more bloody, more impact will cause your makeup !
These were our basic tips. If you have any doubts, you have a video that presents a simple tutorial how to make a perfect gothic makeup.
Look This Video On Youtube :

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