Friday, April 20, 2012

Large Eyes Makeup


Eye Makeup Styles


Large Eyes Makeup

Big and beautiful eyes are easy to achieve. A couple of strokes of the brush for makeup, a touch of eyeliner and a little bit of mascara and you have an eye as that time above completely ready. To make large and/or prominent eyes look a little better, wear dark shadows, to make visually smaller our eyes. 
Light colours, on the contrary, make them see even larger than they already are. Apply shadows then put the eyeliner, because it will make it look smoother. But if you want to make it more dramatic, then put it after the shadow. 
Then use a bit of mascara to give form to the tabs, and takes into account that while longer will be the eye it will be smaller, so it uses a product that is dense. If you want it to look even smaller and mysterious, then do a line also in the part inside of the tabs on the parpado below. 
I got this video of. How to do it yourself.

Look Video On Youtube :

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