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Makeup Styles to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger


Eye Makeup Styles


Makeup Styles to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Popular Styles Of Makeup to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

We've all seen actresses and fashion models in revealing photos before and after. Not only do these beauties look different without her cosmetics artistically applied, many of its famous features tend to disappear without makeup techniques rely on their stylists to enhance or exaggerate their assets.

Large eyes are an asset and poignant desire of many women born. If you were lucky to be blessed with this trait envy, these tips will help improve them. For those looking to create the appearance of large eyes, these techniques and tricks are your secret weapons again!

White Eyeliner

White eyeliner was at the same time, used by professional makeup artists to emphasize the inner edge, the extension and enlargement of the eyes. This secret has been revealed, and white eyeliners can be found in pharmacies and department store cosmetics counters worldwide. Although white eyeliner can be used in a retro-like fashion when applied as a thin line between the upper lid, apply eyeliner in a inverted V shape in the corner of the eye immediately will make the eyes look great and awake. This simple technique is easy and fast enough to apply every day, and make a big difference with little investment.

Light Eyeshadow

Shadow's eyes light bisque, white, ivory and tones help to improve and enlarge the eyes. When applying eye makeup, try using a shadow, rather than two or three shades. Despite numerous eyeshadows add definition and complete a layered look, a uniform, a wash of color actually will make the eyes appear larger. While light colors are recommended, please also dapple in pastel shades. A pistachio green, pink, or yellow butter still has the visual impact opening.

Highlighting Creams

Creams are another highlight secret trick that is used to enhance and draw attention to facial features. Highlight creams can be applied on the upper lid and clear up the brow bone to help reflect and enlarge the eyes. Markers also work great for makeup of a special occasion, whether formal or wedding makeup styles. Due to its high brightness, markers should be applied with a light hand. Just a little will do the trick. Apply markers as the last step in your makeup routine.

Grooming Eyebrows

Framing the face is a necessary step in making the eyes appear larger. If the eyebrows are thick and covered left, the eye area begins to shrink. For a flattering brow shape, visit a salon and have an aesthetic that specializes in wax eyebrow shaping and groom your eyebrows. You can keep your form in between visits with a sharp pair of tweezers, tip angle. grooming brows makes a world of difference in accentuation of the eyes.


Make sure you curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler before applying mascara. If you're feeling experimental, single false eyelashes can be applied to the outer corner of eye. Black mascara will help add drama and make decent bat your eyelashes!

What To Avoid

Although many styles of makeup help enlarge the eyes, some have the opposite effect. Women with small eyes should avoid large eye makeup and dark. Despite a smoky eye can be tempting, avoid at all costs if your goal is to open and improve its look.

Women with small eyes should also heed caution when applying eyeliner. Always make sure the lines drawn are thin and minimal, as a thick line will minimize the eyes. Use caution when applying the colors too. Despite a long black line adds drama, a beautiful brown hue defines the eyes while maintaining the effect of eye opening.

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