Thursday, April 5, 2012

Night Makeup Styles


Eye Makeup Styles 


Night Makeup Styles 


Family, friends, work, family, first date ... If you have one of those special occasions at night you need to be dazzling quiet, because we have a small makeup style guide to help you find the best makeup for each event type to which security guards.

Elegant, romantic, explosive, partying ... Which one do you stay tonight ?

- Exclusive : We propose a simple makeup while flattering for most occasions such as based on shades of brown and earth. Thus, it is best to use a technique similar to that of the smokey eyes with shades of cream, tan and darker brown (with some shine to give a touch of glam night), outline the upper lash line with a pencil brown and finish with a good coat of mascara. The blush and lips should be in accordance with eye shadows, so we recommend the soft brown with a little shine in the case of the lips.

- Romance : Sweet and natural yet sophisticated and sexy, this is how you should be tonight. To do this we propose to use a very clarita shade (white or off white, for example) over the entire eyelid and draw a thin and elegant line with black eyeliner with mascara topped by a spectacular volume. Use a pink blush to give a sweet touch to your cheeks and put the sensuality thanks to lipstick pink, from the mildest to the granatosos (throwing red).

- Explosive : You must be the purest representation of sensuality, so we recommend to give intensity to your eyes through the dark shadows (gray and black) to black profilers on your upper lashes and lower lashes and film. Although we would not need to say, passion red lips are a guarantee of success for your looks more explosive.

- Partying : The eyes become major players thanks to the bright shades and glitter, a kind of glitter that will make you dazzle above the nightclub lights, the colors silver, blue and even black are good way to use this trend without falling into vulgarity. As for the rest of the makeup I use a simple and blush that suits you and a simple lip gloss.
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