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Slanted Eye Makeup


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Makeup Tips Beauty Looks Slanted Eyes 


Makeup Tips slanted eyes Look More Beautiful : Sometimes you feel inferior or feel less attractive, if you have eyes that are withdrawn. Although every woman wants to have big eyes, beautiful, beautiful, charming and bright, but not everyone is born with such perfection. How to make beautiful slanted eyes ?

Makeup Tips Beauty Looks Slanted Eyes

Here are some makeup tips to be more slanted eyes and charming that you can do :

* Clean Eyebrow Shaping

It turned out that eyebrow shape greatly affects the change in the face. If your eyebrows have not been made, let you trimmed them now and see the difference. Tended if the eyebrow trimmed then there is the impression of more mature, beautiful and graceful. And this turns out to also make your eyes seem wider.

* Use the Eyelash Curler

Before using the mascara, do not forget the first clamp lashes slowly to make it look more slender. In addition, while the use of mascara should not miss the lower lashes. This section is often overlooked because of its size sometimes very short and not very visible. For you who have slanted eyes this is very important.

* Clarify the Line Eyes with Eye Pencil (eyeliner)

Your eyes will look wider and fresher when accented with eyeliner. The fact that it's white eyeliner to make eyes look wider. Lines also provide information on the top and bottom corners of the eyes to get perfect results.

* The Use of False Eyelashes

There are different kinds of eyelashes, there is a long, short, thin and there is no dense. If you have included a short and thin lashes, not to worry because now there are fake eyelashes that can help you stay beautiful. adjust the length of your eyelashes the size of the original lashes, spruce with scissors if you feel your lashes are too long
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