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Choosing False Eyelashes


Eye Makeup Styles 


Tips : How to Choose Eyelashes 


Eyelashes are becoming increasingly popular, especially because celebrities wear them on the red carpet and Royal are with them. Depending on the type of tab you choose you can add various finishes to your face, which can range from drama to the glamour; with the following tips you'll know the right way to choose eyelashes.
The first thing you need is patience and lot of practice so you can achieve an enviable look with eyelashes. You must take into account that there are various types of eyelashes for any occasion, so we are going to say what are the most common and some types of tabs in fantasy that you can use for special events.

Eyelashes Generally Come In Two Varieties :

  • - Entire tabs
  • - Individual Tabs

Whole Tabs

They are whole pieces that you put right on the lash line. These are ideal for those with few tabs and for those who want to completely change the look.

Individual Lashes

In this case you can place only in those places where you want to enhance eyelashes. For this type of tabs you have lots of practice, as if entirely misplaced will ruin your eyes.


The choice of color depends on your intentions, this step is important because if you want to get a look as natural as possible you must ensure that the color is closer to your original tabs.


Again, your tastes will govern the selection, it is not the same use false eyelashes for a wedding for a costume ball, you should know that there are a variety of forms which may contain as bright or feathers, also you can find many frameworks to help you highlight your eyes in many ways.
If you like to use false lashes to enhance your look, I recommend you know about permanent false eyelashes and eyelash extension.
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