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MAC Makeup Summer 2012


MAC Makeup 2012


MAC Makeup Summer 2012 


This summer 2012 MAC presents a collection of more subtle than ever, makeup that advocates are trend and colors that are ideal to give life to a face lit and very fresh, but above all seeks at all times the obtaining of more natural and beautiful faces ever, which also will according to fashion, that the priority of this season is to highlight the natural beauty of each woman, slogan which applies the makeup, the hair and dress.
What slogan main collection on this occasion is the get polished and sophisticated faces, but on all things look radiant and not sacrifice the natural beauty of every woman.

MAC Mineralizing perfect finish to the skin :

This mineralizer is ideal for creating a foundation fine finish, which will give us a look irresistibly seductive and offers in the form of cream in a soft beige.
Illuminators MAC :
For even greater perfection of our casual makeup, the brand offers us this illuminating subtle, which will allow us a fresher look. And this kind of makeup can be found in two colors: coral pink and yellow halftone cream.
Lipsticks and Blushes :
The lips and cheeks receive much attention and so we bid MAC really wide for colors, but these (which come in the form creamy) are offered in a limited edition.
*) Lazy Sunday - pink
*) Weekend Getaway-cool Rosa
*) Keep It Casual - warm tone came
*) Evening stroll - Soft Violet
*) Relaxation - hot pink
*) Have a lovely day - nude
*) Keep It Loose - warm peach
*) Out for fun, cool coral
Enamels :
The fact that we are on a casual look that does not mean we forget to pay attention to important details like our manicure. And the mark for it focuses on the colors that best reflect the femininity and also the colors are a trend this season so we can find seductive pink, orange and pink coral old.
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