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Eye Makeup Style "Cat Eye"

Eye Makeup Style "Cat Eye"

To make this video, I chose to do one of the most popular looks of the day: style "doe eyes" or in English "Cat Eye". For cons, I made a small variation sophisticated style light, to make them look more almond shaped eye makeup and a more complete than the usual single version. This style can be worn both day and night. For the day, we can drop the gray shadow and opt for a mole in place, or only in ivory.

This video is interesting as we see in detail the application of liquid eyeliner, which is not easy either. It is then to go section by section, as in the video, and coming to touch up several steps, which greatly facilitates the task.

I already wrote an article with pictures step by step to the realization of eye makeup "cat eye". It offers several tips for applying eyeliner. To see this article, click here . Declination for "almond eyes", another article that demonstrates the technique is also available for consultation. To see this, click here . By cons, for video, I did not exactly look is no longer the "almond eyes". I have not applied the eyeliner under the eye. I merely relate the top, and kohl pencil. This is a medium between the cat eye and the eye almond. It highlights most forms of eyes, and the end result is chic and feminine.

So look at the made in the video, here are the explanations:

For the complexion I chose to make corrections localized on dark circles and redness, because the model has a beautiful skin. I fixed the corrections and unified complexion with a lightweight mineral foundation loose powder, applied with a brush. I finished with a touch of bronzer to give the complexion, and a little blush to highlight cheekbones of the model.

For eyes, I started with a blush ivory matte, applied all over the eyelid, and then I gave structure to the eyelid with a dark gray satin. I finished with matt white paint, on the eyelid only. The matte blushes give a lot of chic and class makeup. They are suitable for all occasions. And of course, the upper eyelid is well defined with a thick line of black liquid eyeliner. The thicker line, ending with a small pointed tail at the outer corner of the eye makeup is somewhat reminiscent of the fifties and sixties. This is very sophisticated and it gives a lot of character to look. And to get the final look and sexy feline, it ends with a kohl pencil inside the eye (the "waterline").

Let me explain an important detail in the video about the eyeliner here, because many will ask the question: I applied eyliner BEFORE eyeshadow instead of after, as usual. The reason I did this was to demonstrate another technique that can be lifesaving for beginners. How many of you pass the liquid eyeliner on the first try? With experience, it is possible, but when it is made a little blunder, having to correct it destroys the rest of the makeup. And after the correction of the line is felt with a correction or make a cotton swab, one must not only re-apply the eyeliner, but also the colors of paint that had faded with eyelid so hard. So my technique answers the question: "Why start over when you can concentrate on the eyeliner at the beginning, making all the corrections you want without worrying about the rest of the makeup, then come to add a little eyeliner on the line already mapped out in the end, lightly covered in places by a little shadow? "The stage where we just touch up the eyeliner can be done with a simple pencil outline, as the liquid line has been drawn, and therefore it will not disappear. We do not need the full trace. It may seem longer at first, but trust me, you save time by doing this, especially if you have trouble with liquid eyeliner or you're kind of blundering.

For lips, I opted for a first coat of lipstick very pearly pink beige, which I superimposed a layer of gloss iridescent beige nude. It adds breadth to plump lips for a pout to perfection.

Here are pictures of before after makeup

After - Eyes Closed
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Here's the video to see all the steps and the technique used. To optimize the viewing quality, you can click on the icon "HD" in bottom right of the video, after viewing began.
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