Monday, June 11, 2012

How To Wear Eye Makeup For This Summer?

Apply Eye Makeup For This Summer?


The eye makeup is also facing movements and how often changes depending on current trends. So what kind of makeup should I wear in summer 2010?

This year the makeup does not play it very difficult because the designers we offer several different styles: nude, metallic, shiny or dark. Explanations ...

The nude eye makeup is certainly the most "in" all. It is a very simple makeup and very discreet which is worn primarily during the day. So we makeup the eyes with an eyeshadow or pale pink pearl and a mascara brush cutting. You can put a black pencil eyeliner or simply if it is very late. The foundation must also be very sober. It then opts for a foundation more or less pale and forget the effect self tanner. We apply a very light powder, and a touch of blush pink. Is applied on the lips is a balm or a gloss not too bright, or a lipstick pink. You will probably understand the nude trend rhymes with pale colors.

The youngest of you, however, can also opt for a more flashy and eye makeup and adopt more showy colors. You can then fill almost the entire makeup of your eyelids light blue, orange, purple or light green without wearing eyeliner or pencil, it will charge your eye too much. You can also play with gradients and apply several different colors. It is important to note that if you choose this kind of makeup, it will choose to put color on your eyes or your lips. If you put on both, you could look like a clown. Do not hesitate to apply the varnish on your nails flashy (not too long).

For nightlife you have two options: the timeless metallic or dark.
The make-up is to wear metallic eye shadow silver, gold or tan (again on the whole eyelid) and paint his nails with the same colors. This is an ideal eye makeup if your outfit is not too sophisticated (eg; black dress, gold pocket).

As for the dark makeup, it consists of many shades darker and more specifically black, burgundy or red. It is a timeless makeup as it is adopted in all seasons and years. It gives an air of femme fatale. It is thought mainly to the eyes as Chanel (dark eyeshadow, eyeliner or pencil marks black lipstick and red nails red or burgundy). The look is so pronounced and intense, highly visible in the night.

So what look you're going to adopt, and how will you eye makeup for this summer?
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