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How To Apply Lipstick Nude


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How To Apply Lipstick Nude 


Have you noticed that the nude color has become the new classic makeup? When it looked like the red lipstick irresitible earned by far the nude (the English "naked") or color skin on the lips is gaining more and more adept, especially those seeking a more fresh and natural makeup. I've tried it and it is very nice! Do you still?

Well, here we approached some tips on how to apply lipstick nude anime InStyle for you to wear it. Let's get to know them :

Basic Tips

Watch Your Lips

A nude lipstick on our lips is applied a layer of makeup in their natural color, so do not offer the same coverage as other lip colors. That means you have your lips healthy and beautiful to show off the nude with its appeal. See our article on how to properly care for your lips to get them !


Un soft lip gloss may be the perfect complement to the nude lip makeup. A tip when applying ? Put a few drops of your database is always on the lips before applying for adhering shine longer.

Dramatic Effect

El effect on the lips nude color is subtle and delicate. However, that does not mean we can give a touch of definition and depth. It uses lip liner the same color as the lipstick nude with which you paint your lips.

How to choose the right shade ?

Nude lipsticks are perfect for a natural makeup. But do not confuse natural makeup neutral makeup! Not all makeup products work the same way on every face, so when choosing a nude lip we must consider our skin tone, the color of our lips and the occasion in which we use.

Here Are Some Tips For Choosing The Nude Lipstick According To Your Skin Tone

*) White fur. They look better in gold tones or pink tones peaches and to give more warmth to the face.
*) Skins intermediate white to olive. Choose the shades of pink to carmine, which give a touch of brightness to your face.
*) Skins brunettes. To add a little sparkle and dimension to dark lips, try the bronze-toned nude lip, and tone warm golden caramel. 

How To Use

If you look to look too "washed" or unhealthy is because you chose a very pale nude lipstick for your skin tone and / or are not using either the makeup on the rest of the face. Once you find the right lip, highlight your eyes with eyeliner and mascara and enhance your cheekbones with blush peach. Get inspired by a photograph of Olivia Wilde.

Featured Products

InStyle experts recommend us two perfect nude lipstick. These are two very prestigious brand products, such as Yves Saint Laurent and Tom Ford. We encourage you to try!

YSL Pure Nude Gloss, which costs. You can buy it Here.

Tom Ford Nude Vanilla Lip Color, which costs. You can buy it Here.

Others Elected Are :

Topshop Lips in Nevada, It is a creamy nude lipstick and bright. You can watch it Here.

MAC Lipglass in Naked Space. It's basically a pure nude gloss that highlights the natural color of the lips. Ideal for a casual look. You can watch it Here.
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