Sunday, January 15, 2012

80 eye makeup


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80 makeup 


Retro trends are on agenda. The proposal passed through the gates of the world's most internationally and has become a must among the celebrities in the fashion world. So consider the style that goes back to the beauty of our place more than ever, and without which you can not live: the makeup of the 80s.

When we think about the aesthetics of this, we always remember the faces of the most famous of time as the queen of pop, Madonna, Melanie Griffith and Brooke Shields, among other artists of the 80 that made this decade, something very special. To get the look in the style of 80, you can begin to add some power to foam and gel like Garnier hair and specialized companies.

Hair styles of 80 bets for the effects of tangled with wild manes and courageous. A trend that is also present in our makeup, which includes the passion of red lips, a look that is very sharp and intense and fluorine colors, super bold.

So if you want to wear this look, you better set aside a good decision and shame, and begin to make your eyes with blue eye shadow, ultra-bright lips and curly hair a mess. A combination of beauty that focuses on the most bold and striking, to be a queen on the dance floor.

Visit your local store and begin to complete your needs with all the trends, which is perfect for partying with our friends. And if you want to spend a lot of money, test cosmetics and makeup from L'Oreal, Bourjois or Sephora, of the many other brands at a low cost.
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