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Applying Makeup Tips


Eye Makeup Styles

Kaleidoscope Of Colors

Fall makeup ideas are as diverse as the beautiful women in them.
Color is key, so feel free to play with your palette. You can always go for the drama in bold, hot cocoa or even pure sherbet colors.
Ready to take a little makeup inspiration? Then these images should help !

Fixing Purple 


When the weather turns colder, rich in nuances, purple does a great job!
This versatile color works with almost any skin tone and eye color. If you have light eyes as this model is sure to add a little drama with a touch of black eyeliner too, this really will make blue eyes "pop".

Pure Sensuality 


Do not be afraid to use color when it comes to your makeup.
Sheer breasts, if combined with a smoky eye, bold, captivating results have "bulging eyes" and impressive !

Autumn Makeup Ideas : The Face Of The Party 


Get your party look to reach shades of steel gray and scarlet lips, bright eyes.
Black nails look great too, but any shade works great with this look.
To see more photos and tips trik visit to Eye Makeup Tips

Spring Makeup Sexy Looks

Spring makeup look should convey a sense of cool beauty. The best way to accomplish this is through the use of transparent colors, vibrant.

A key advantage is pure eye shadows that allow you to use colors that normally could not.

For example, shades of orange, bright green and the grapes are at their disposal, and the following images are sure to supply plenty of inspiration!

Kim Kardashian Makeup Styles

Kim Kardashian makeup looks are wide and varied, especially when it draws the star increased to fame with the popular media.
The distribution look know Kim Kardashian is shining in his bronze goddess glow and luscious lips pale nude color.
Also, keep in mind that the eyebrows are clean and slightly arched, while the eyes are attractive edges, and the rosy cheeks and stay red.


Eye Catching Blue

This model shows how you can make a smoky eye look, even in the spring, without looking too "heavy."
Achieve a similar look to ensure that eye makeup is smeared and the top layer of the distribution is a bit simple.
Complete the look with a big mouth and shiny.

Surprise Spring Colors


There is no reason to shy away from makeup, eye makeup, especially when temperatures warm.
The trick to make eyes stand out is the use of color. Thus, his gaze remains fresh, vibrant and current. Spring makeup looks

Crazy Makeup Runway 


Make mad the track is not fun to watch, but can also be inspirational. While some of the more avant garde looks are too extreme for everyday use, mitigating runway makeup look intensely creative can make it usable for every day.

This aspect of the track can play up both your eyes and lips with exaggerated eyeliner and lip color depth.
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