Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer Makeup Trends 2013


Eye Makeup Styles 


2013 Summer Makeup Trends 


Different fashion weeks around the world, we have been advancing some of the fashion trends for summer season 2013. As far as makeup is concerned, have been able to distinguish various outlines, the show is then to be the first to step forward, with the latest fashions.

The claim seems lips fashion trend of 2012, betting on the orange as one of the colors used, which gives women a different image, that impact, attracts attention and makes keeping your gaze fixed on his lips. For those who prefer something intense, charming, characterful, red cherry is the best option.
An interim statement, which goes with any skin type, and you can use everyday, are coral and pink neutral, which give a fresh and vibrant.
A trend difficult to interpret, but perhaps many will find the attractive appearance of the faces is out, with makeup on white or raw tone clear and lips with just a shine.
A more interesting will be the right cheek worked with reddish tones, complementing the natural roasted summer, while letting the natural lips.
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