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How To Make Cat Eyes


Tips & Tutorial : Cat Eye Makeup

You've never learned to do the cat eye makeup ? Well, it's time ! As all must be aware of all the tricks of makeup to look great and certainly the "how to cat eyes" are a way to help you have the look more sexy and mysterious of all.

The cat eye makeup or eye cat is so called because it consists of an outline that recreates a feline look. It has been widely used for pin up girls from the 40 and 50, so if you want to give a vintage touch to your look with this makeup on your eyes you will succeed.

Learn How to Make Cat Eye Makeup Below.

Cat Eyes Makeup

Lift up the lid gently with a finger so you can see the top edge of the eye. Line it with two or three layers of black eyeliner pencil waterproof. After outlining the lower edge of the eye.

Now apply the same black pencil eyeliner on the top outside edge of the eye, where the eyelashes.


To give more visibility to eyeliner, and it looks more attractive and deep, black liquid liner applied over the outline that you had done with the eyeliner pencil. Apply gently to avoid deletion. You can draw lines spaced on the line previously drawn in pencil and then put them together.

We draw upon the cat eye makeup! To do this, close your eyes and apply a new pencil outlined above outlined above. The outline should extend slightly upward as it approaches the outer ends of the eye, as you see in the picture. When you reach the bone of the eye mark a point with liquid eyeliner.

Place the tip of liquid eyeliner on the point that you had drawn the outline and review from that point to the outer corner of eye. This feature will be the classic feline cat eye. When the outline is dry, finished with two coats of mascara, and shade if you prefer.

List! Your eyes are already prepared to impact;)

With cat's eye make-up looks

Look at how many famous look this makeup. Each adapts it according to their tastes; added touches of color, shadow or without, with or without mask, etc. But the technique of the delineation is basically the same.

In what you inspirarías to your own look ?

You can continue watching more tips to make a cat eye through a video by clicking here. The invitation is that you stay with us to learn many more tips of makeup for eyes.
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