Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Eye Makeup For Brown with Green Eyes

Eye Makeup For Brown with Green Eyes

The First, to apply eye makeup for brown with green eyes, choose a foundation with a semi-smooth texture and easy to apply with fingers or a sponge, thereby unifying the natural and transparent. Your base color should be 1/2 shade lighter than your skin tone to melt your face and make him above suspicion. Then, apply the makeup of educators, his fall on the eye to bring light to touch your face and your makeup to hide them. Hand to exploit the confusion. Then, unite, fasten matifies subtly and continuously with all of the extremely fine powder for bulk powder puff.

Then put a smile on the hills of clay, forehead, nose and chin, to obtain a better search with a tanned complexion. At eye level, to improve the color of eye shadow for brown eyes or copper to improve your iris. Remember to make a white eye shadow under the brow to capture light. So like eye pencils and eye for more soft and natural. To improve your lashes and give more meaning to introduce an optical effect, select your eyeliner and mascara in the same color. Redrawing the lips and lip liner applied over the entire surface of the lips, choose a brown, pink, and skate on through the brush, bright pink. It will not take you more to look good with a light color and his eyes shine.

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