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Styles Summer Eyeshadow 2012

Eye Makeup Styles

Styles Summer Eyeshadow 2012

Styles Summer  eyeshadow can help you make the most of your natural beauty. Uncomplicated eyeshadow looks can help you enjoy the season has to offer and let your eyes shine.

Summer Makeup

For many women, summer is the best time of year. Good weather, holidays and fun events with family and friends make it a hot whirlwind of activity. Although most women do not want to give up makeup in the summer months, heavy cosmetics and length only applications do not flow well with the atmosphere of carefree summer and warmer temperatures. Summer makeup 2012, therefore, tends to be lighter and more natural than the cold weather seasons, when richer, darker colors are more likely to be used.
Five styles of summer eyeshadow
A busy girl needs more than an eyeshadow eyes to see through your summer in styles. These five tips for summer eyeshadow can help you look your best ideal for any warm weather event.
Simple and Natural
For a simple look, natural eyeshadow, you need a neutral color eyeshadow (about two shades darker than your skin tone) and the shadow of another, one or two shades lighter than your skin tone has a slight sheen. Apply nude eyeshadow on the eyelid and crease, sweeping the shadows a bit out of the corner of the eye to the eyebrow. Apply a little eyeshadow lighter (this is used to highlight) in the inner corner and outer corner of the brow bone. The nude shade will emphasize the eyes in a natural way, while the lighter shade will help the eyes look more open and awake.
This is a light, natural look that is perfect for summer. You can use a style of eyeshadow, like this from the beach, work, weekends, or any other daily occurrence
Brass Theater
You can slather on the sunscreen and get your fix with a large bronze eyeshadow look sexy for the summer. The bronze eyeshadow works well in summer due to brown-ish base is a little on the neutral, but the metallic sheen makes it perfect for the drama of the date night or special events. You can use a bronze eyeshadow rich and simply applied to the upper lid for emphasis, or use the shadow on the upper eyelid crease, and the tabs at the bottom and stains to create a sexy, smoky look. Create a smoky eye with the brass is much more appropriate for summer lasts a black smoky eye.
Sunset Trio
They draw on summer evenings and use three eyeshadows to create a layered effect that makes the eyes pop. As can be many different shades in a sunset, the colors of eyeshadow to use depends on your eye color.
Blue eyes, consider :
*) medium orange or copper shadow
*) soft peach tone
*) peach or creamy pink
For green eyes, keep in mind :
*) violet shade half
*) light pink-purple
*) pale cream or gold color
Eye brown or hazel, consider :
*) Rose in shades of brown or bronze
*) pink-nude
*) pale pink shell or ring
Using the shadow colors suitable for eye color, place the darkest shade on the lid, before leaving the crease. It goes a little more than the darkest shade, the use of halftone color in the crease and slightly upward. Apply the lightest shade just above the crease and a touch on the corner of the eye. Be sure to mix all colors together to create a beautiful tricolor effect reminiscent of a sunset.

Inspired by the beach eyeshadow

Look at any beach and you will be amazed at the beautiful blue sky, beautiful wave crests, and the sandy beach. Take this trio quite the eye for a pretty summer look eyeshadow. For this style beach, have a light to medium tone blue or turquoise (choose a color that works well with your eyes) a medium to dark gray sand-colored shadow, eyeshadow and white or champagne. Apply the blue to the crease and apply the color of the sand up and down, mixing well. Use white eyeshadow as a highlight on the brow bone.
Bold and bright
Maybe you want an extra touch of color, or play in the eyes of a party or special event of the summer. Choose a bright color, bold eyeshadow (the products of highly pigmented work well) to accentuate your eyes on a strike, but the easy way. Eyeshadow colors for the summer to consider include :
*) Turquoise
*) Coral
*) Gold
*) Bright green
*) Lime
*) Fuchsia
*) Orange
Apply the shadow on the upper lid and crease, and blend so there is a hard line of color. Using a wet brush, the bottom line of the eyes with eyeshadow. The result is a bright and bold look that really draws attention to the eyes and reflects the joy of summer.

Source : Eye Makeup Ideas
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