Sunday, July 22, 2012

How to Enlarge The Look With Makeup


Eye Makeup Styles


The large eyes attract much more attention and catch the eye know of anyone who stands in the way. Well today I'll show you some tricks to get them! With a very simple tutorial to know how to enlarge the look with makeup.

Very easy to follow tips. Who could ask for anything better ? Only need about four cosmetics that you have stored on your portfolio makeup and go! Running with these makeup tricks !



To enlarge the view, after preparing the eye with a little foundation, the first thing you have to do is start with the addition of shadows. You must insert light shades in the center of the eyelid and a little black or gray shade on the sides and edges of the eye. This effect will ensure you look really deep and swift. All you need to conquer anybody needed !

Black Outlined 


What would a good makeup without a classic black outlined ? And I think that all cosmetics are benefited with a bit of black eyeliner on top to finish the job. In this case, after the shadows, just a little liquid eyeliner or pencil black to achieve the desired results. Yes, try to have a little practice before your eye makeup. You do not want to ruin the shadows that you had previously set, right ?


White Outlined 


And this is one of the key secrets to enlarge the look! It is lined with a soft white eyeliner, this will have overall responsibility of enlarging the back of the eye with a delicate line that reaches the tear. Then put under a little black eyeliner or black shadow and go !



To complete the makeup, of course you can not forget the mascara. More voluminous lashes, strong and prolonged effect provide a truly captivating. Remember to place using smooth, without clumping. Finally, if you prefer, you can also put a little mascara on lower lashes to achieve more volume.

Soon! Follow these extremely simple tips I've provided and you'll see in just a few minutes you will have wonderful eyes.
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